The information is intended for healthcare professionals.

Understanding the paramount importance of the incidence of tuberculosis in Ukraine, Lumiere Pharma LLC, as a domestic socially responsible company, introduced the production of the drug PPD RT 23 SSI, injection solution 2 TO / 0.1 ml, 1.5 ml in a bottle No. 1 complete with 15 self-locking syringes with in bulk mold from a global vaccine manufacturer AJ Vaccines AE / Denmark, Denmark.

Tuberculin PPD RT 23 SSI is supplied in a set 1 bottle of 1.5 ml injection solution containing 15 doses (2 TO / 0.1 ml) of PPD RT 23 SSI with 15 self-locking syringes.
The advantages of the drug PPD RT 23 SSI:
1. Injection single-dose self-locking syringes and a bottle with a chlorobutyl stopper with a patented polypropylene “flip-off” cap allow 15 intradermal tuberculin samples of Mantoux to be taken without loss (leakage) of half of the purchased drug, that is, to perform one Mantoux test, only one syringe must be filled with a self-locking syringe dose (0.1 ml) of the drug PPD RT 23 SSI.
2. Injectable self-locking syringe with a spring clip have a scale of 0.1 ml, designed for tuberculin diagnostics and nested 15 pieces in each tuberculin package. Each syringe has an integrated (unearthly) needle with an intradermal section, which allows you to collect only one dose (0.1 ml) of tuberculin, necessary for the Mantoux test. After the introduction of tuberculin, the spring retainer blocks the movement of the piston, which makes it impossible to use it further.
3. Storage conditions for the RT 23 SSI PPD for 24 hours after opening the vial at a temperature of 2 + 8 ° С allow effective use of tuberculin in full (without leakage of doses) for two shifts in the vaccination rooms of the CPMSD.
All of the above makes it possible to more effectively diagnose the incidence of tuberculosis and leads to a decrease in the financial burden on healthcare institutions in Ukraine and significant savings in public funds.

2 July 2020