Manufacturing and quality system

Quality Control System 

The Company has a properly implemented, documented and maintained Integrated Quality Control System compliant with the requirements of GMP ЕС.
The basic document in Company’s Quality Control System is the Quality Manual comprising the Director-approved Quality Control Policy defining resources, staff responsibilities and processes ensuring functionality of the Quality Control System.The responsibility for efficient functionality of the Quality Control System is held by the Deputy Director for Quality Control – an Authorized Person.

Contact phone number: (044) 531-39-48
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LUMIER PHARMA LLC is a domestic manufacturer of pharmaceuticals. The company produces medications by virtue of Medication Manufacturer License No. AB 578997 issued by the State Administration of Ukraine on Medical Products.
Production Facilities are located at 2-nd floor of a separate 2-floor production-warehousing building. Total area of production, support and household premises is 752 m2;
Warehouse facilities include separate areas for storage of raw materials, packaging materials, finished products and rejected products;
Medicaments requiring special cold storage conditions are kept in special certified cold storage chambers.