Joint Projects
The development strategy of import substitution projects
In 2011, Ukraine approved the Concept of the State Target Program “Development of import substitution industries in Ukraine, and the substitution of imported medicines by domestic ones, including biotechnological preparations and vaccines” for 2011-2021.
The program is aimed at improving the provision of the Ukrainian population with vital efficient, high-quality and affordable domestically produced pharmaceutical products and the development of the pharmaceutical industry in Ukraine.
in order to improve accessibility to innovative medicines, under the policy of import substitution the company Lumiere Pharma is focused on creating and developing long term partnerships with leading pharmaceutical companies.
The enterprise has created all necessary conditions for the production of innovative high-tech products in accordance with GMP requirements, including pharmaceutical products, which require the “cold chain” compliance with ambient temperature +2 - 8°C.
Since 2010, the company Lumiere Pharma has been actively developing cooperation with a leading global manufacturer of pharmaceutical products F.Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd in the production of innovative immunobiological products:
   ·  PEGFERON, PEG-interferon alfa-2а, solution for injections, 180 μg/1 mL in vials for the treatment of patients with viral hepatitis;
   ·  RITUXIM (rituximab), concentrate for solution for infusion in vials of 100 mg/10 ml and 500 mg/50 ml – for the treatment of hematological diseases: non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, rheumatoid arthritis;
   ·  TRASTUMAB (trastuzumab), powder for concentrate for infusion, 150 mg in vials – for the treatment of breast cancer.
In 2012, the company Lumiere Pharma successfully launched the project with the company MSD (Schering-Plough) on the production of innovative immunobiological preparation:
   ·  UNITRON, PEG-interferon alfa-2b – for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B and C, which will be produced in two dosage forms:
          - Lyophilized powder for solution for injection in a vial of 50μg/0.5 mL, 80 μg/0.5mL, 100μg/0.5 mL, 120μg/0.5 mL, 150 μg/0.5 ml 5 together with the solvent;
          - Lyophilized powder for solution for injection in a dual-chamber injection pen (redipen) of 50μg/0.5 mL, 80 μg/0.5mL, 100μg/0.5mL, 120μg/0.5 mL, 150 μg/ 0.5 ml with the solvent.